KATIMI AI 日本、ナイジェリアとのハーフ。
幼少期より、父親が経営していたBar や母親から毎日聴かされていた洋楽ラジオ番組により、音に囲まれる生活を送っていた。
2015年に彼女自身がニューヨークで出会った”Fly Geenius”ブランドのCEO、Davon Beanに出逢った事により、彼に才能を発掘され、DJ活動を開始。エキゾチックな容姿、そして並外れたオーラを放つことより、まだ始めて間も無いが、すでに東京での様々な有名クラブ、Ageha,Womb,Vision、アパレル Exhibitionやその他からの出演依頼が絶えない。
House/Techno DJ

Katimi Ai is a DJ of mixed Japanese/Nigerian heritage from Japan.

From a young age, Katimi has been surrounded by music, both at the bar her father managed, and through the western radio shows she would listen to with her mother as a child, which sparked her passion for music and greatly shaped her musical tastes.

In 2015, Katimi went on a solo-adventure to New York, where by chance she met Davon Bean, the owner of the brand “Fly genius”. Davon soon recognized her talent and love for music, and with that, her life as a DJ began.

With an exotic appearance and a unique energy, although having barely just begun, Katimi has quickly became a popular face within the Tokyo scene. Katimi has already played some of Tokyo’s most famous venues, such as Ageha, Womb and Vision. Katimi also plays regularly at apparel exhibitions and events, and it doesn’t seem that the bookings will stop any time soon.

Katimi’s music style is vast and varied, with a strong rooting in House and Techno.