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Paradise Warehouse

Every 4th Sunday on Stream.

新譜だけど懐かしい感じがするHouseの源となる快楽四つ打ち音を中心にお届けするParty Dance Music番組。ハウス・マスターがチョイスする最新のトラックから記憶に残るアンセムまでハウス・フリークなら絶対見逃せないエンターテイメント空間を極楽快楽音源倉庫からあなたの耳元へデリバリー!!

Party Dance Music program to provide the source of House music where you feel good old times though it is a complation of totally brand new music.
A house freak is delivering the vibes through the latest tracks which a house master chooses to remind anthem-like feel left in the memory from the Land of Happiness. Pleasure sound creates the feeling as if you were in the good old warehouse party where you enjoyed euphoria and your hands were in the air!

[DJ] r, Shisei,
[Music]House,Deep House,Future Deep House,Future House,Deep Tech House,Underground House,

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